Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Hearts At Home

A friend brought this song to my attention as it captures the heart and theme of this blog. It was actually written from the perspective of a wife and mother and since I'm not at that stage in life, I took the liberty to revise it some!

Chorus: My hearts at home
With those most precious to me.
My hearts at home with my dear family.
Fulfillment and joy each day inside me;
Loving and serving those dearest to me.
My hearts at home, my hearts at home.

The world would call me out, to fill each day with things money can buy, demanding I walk in the shoes of those whose goals are corporately decided.
The fashion and wealth, prestige and honor,
Beg to replace homemade bread and blessings of family.
But I say "no," my hearts at home.

Another voice beckons and knocks at my door
A self - centered cry is loudly calling! You need to get out to be effective, busy and making a name for yourself.
But I look in the Word where it lovingly tells me,
To be a keeper at home, loving my family,
So I say "no," my hearts at home.