Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Most Blessed Place

Came across this today and it so inspires me as a homemaker and what a blessed calling it is. Some may disparagingly look down and say 'only a homemaker', but truly it is beautiful and priceless calling. We have the ability to make the home a sweet gathering place, a place of warmth and refuge, a place of rest and comfort, a place that draws us closer together and closer to God. It's a place where we can be real. It needn't be perfect or home beautiful; just a place where love and laughter dwells, where children are glad to be, and where all who enter find it hard to leave. A place where God's presence can be felt, where His love can be shared, where His healing can take place.

Home can either be a little piece of heaven or a little piece of the other, and the way it turns out is greatly determined by the one who keeps the home and spirit in which she does her work. If the work is but drudgery, and if we don't have eyes to see beyond it to the ministry that is ours in serving, caring and loving those closest to us, and the opportunities that we have in opening our doors with warm hospitality to the lost and hurting world around us, then we surely have a most a miserable job indeed.

It thrills my heart when I consider what an ultimate calling it is to make the home the most blessed place on earth!