Monday, October 24, 2011


Well, my dear friends, I thought I would update you on some of what I have been up to since it has been awhile since I last posted. Sadly, our camera broke so I don't have any pictures to display for now.
 It's the season to extract honey before it gets too cold, (had I mentioned before that my brother is a beekeeper) so I have been helping quite a bit with that. It's a very sticky process, but oh! so sweet! ;) Ronnie has about forty hives that he tends to while keeping up with a full time job, so as you can imagine, he tries getting the extracting in whenever he can. I generally try to be available to help him as much as I can. So far, we have extracted about 500 lbs.
 Besides trying to get all the extracting done, he also has had a roof to replace on his house so I've been learning to pound shingles. It has been an interesting experience over all. The most challenging was trying to climb a ladder in a dress, but I did manage to make it up and down several times quite safely! It is a ranch style house and we have the first half pretty well done and the other half all felted off. I don't think it should take us very long to finish up with the shingling now.
 We've had a fair amount of rainy days, sunny days and cloudy days here. I like to get out on the nice days and enjoy the weather while I can. The other week, a friend and I went to the park, along with her children, and took a lovely walk. The trees were so beautiful. All around us the beauty of God's creation was displayed.
 Last night, we went to the 40 Days for Life candlelight prayer vigil in front of  a local Planned Parenthood Center. We had very special time praying for the unborn and for those considering abortion, and all involved in abortions. We heard touching testimonies of those who have had abortions and now regret it. Praise God, these women have found forgiveness through the blood of Jesus and are able to go on with their lives in the freedom that He has given them. 
 So that it some of what I have been up to this past month. Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful autumn season and are finding joy and strength in place the Lord has you.

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