Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have You A Barley Field?

                                 1 Chronicles 11:13-14
He was with David at Pasdammin, and there the Philistines were gathered together to battle, where there was a parcel of ground full of barley; and the people fled from before the Philistines. And they set themselves in the midst of that parcel, and delivered it and slew the Philistines; and the LORD saved them by a great deliverance.

There are many battles to be fought in this day and age, whether it be the mass holocaust of abortion, humanistic psychology, evolution, myriads of false doctrines, feminism, and you name it. It's all out there. However, we could never fight them all. Time, energy, and money would never allow us to. However, we can and must find the plot of ground that God would have us fight for just as David and his men fought for that barley field. Where is that plot of ground God has for you to fight for, to defend, and to win? I know where my barley field is. It is my family, my calling as a daughter, a sister, and perhaps someday a wife and mother. It is being a cornerstone or pillar in my father's house ~ supporting my dad, helping my mom, being there for my siblings in every way possible, blessing them and by love and example pointing them to Jesus. It is not a little thing and Satan knows this. He has every device and way imaginable to call us and draw us away from our homes and families, to make us discontent and undermine our sphere of power and influence we have in our homes.       Believe me, Satan knew that if he could get women out of the home, he would have the coming generations. Look around, ever since woman entered the wok force, home and family life went to shambles. Schools began to see an increase in juvenile delinquents, marriages began falling apart, crime and violence went up, and in short, society has been on a downward spiral. In all honesty, how will children learn and value the core values of their parents if they are constantly being shuffled off to the babysitter's or daycare and school from little up? It isn't going to happen. Most importantly, think of their eternal souls. Do you expect them to learn to have a love for the Lord and heart's desire for spiritual things when sending them out to be taught by the Canaanites?
  Dear sisters, the care and responsibility of the eternal souls of our little ones sets upon us. Though I am not a mother, I do feel responsible to be there for my younger siblings, to help guide and direct their footsteps. If I or you as a sister or a mother are not investing in their lives, if they sense other things are of more value than our relationship with them, then where will they turn? Where to will they look for approval, for acceptance, and for something to fill the void in their lives? Is this not the plot of ground God has given us to fight for, to defend, and to win?
  It isn't always easy, I know; the way will get rough, and we may find ourselves weary, but we can't expect a battle to be easy street. However, when we do find ourselves at loss or weary, we have refreshing springs to turn to. We were not meant to fight this battle by ourselves. Our Lord Jesus goes before us and as we get alone with Him we will find ourselves ready to face each new day in the strength and grace He alone can give.
  "For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day."  2 Cor. 4:16        


  1. Jenna,

    This heartbeat is so refreshing! Thank you for being faithful to speak to an area that is often overlooked! Though I am not your mother, I will say as an older sister in the Lord, I am so proud of you! Keep that heart and focus....and keep fighting for your plot of barley. I pray that my daughter will one day grow up and have the same vision as what you shared here. God's word is clear....and precious! May our lives display where our treasures really are.


  2. Thank you, Jenna. As always, this blog is refreshing! My heart echoes the same vision for my daughters that Billie has shared here. May we see a generation rise up and follow Christ for his glory!
    Keep writing...I love to read it!

  3. Thank you Billie and Marcia for your words of encouragement. You have no idea what a blessing and inspiration both of you are to me! Thank you for being godly examples for us younger sisters to follow after.


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