Monday, March 17, 2014

Providential History

For those of you who like history! I've always enjoyed history, especially accounts where God's hand was clearly seen in orchestrating certain events and outcomes throughout time. Here is one I think you'll find quite interesting described by Victor Hugo concerning Napoleon and the battle of Waterloo:

On the morning of the battle, the little dictator stood gazing upon the field of battle as he described to his commanding officer his stragedy for that day's campaign.

"We will put the the infantry here, the calvary there, the artillery here. At the end of the day England will be at the feet of France and Wellington will be prisoner of Napoleon."

After a pause the commanding officer said, "But we must not forget that man proposes but God disposes."

With arrogant pride, the little dictator stretched his body to full height and replied, "I want you to understand, sir, that Napoleon proposes and Napoleon disposes."

From that moment, Waterloo was lost, for God sent rain and hail so that the troops of Napoleon could not maneuver as he had planned, and on the night of the battle it was Napoleon who was the prisoner of Wellington, and France at the feet of England.

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