Saturday, March 22, 2014

Transplanting Frenzy

Had two full days of transplanting with my friend, Laura. Together, we put out these 3000+ plants! Talk about a real transplanting frenzy!!


  1. That's for sure! A lotta work, a lotta fun :-D

  2. I showed this to Dolores and her comment was that it makes her tired just thinking about it. I was thinking that I'm glad you got to work together. =)

  3. Oh Jenna! I can just smell that wonderful dirt and feel the warm green house. That looks like fun! And I of COURSE would have loved to transplant along side you two lovely ladies! I am so sad I will not be coming this weekend to see you for Holly's wedding but all things in His time...and so I choose contentment. :-) Love you lots.


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