Sunday, May 11, 2014


Mom -

Your love has made all the difference in the world. We are so blessed to have you for our mom! How can we thank you for all you are and all you've done?

- for your heart of love for children and desiring a big family right from the offset.

- for coming home to be with us children when having a secondary income was probably more than just convenient at the time.

- for staying up late nights when were sick.

- for homeschooling us and sticking with it even when the going got tough.

- for giving us a love for learning.

- for encouraging us in our dreams.

- for always being there no matter what.

Mom, some of my fondest memories are all nights you'd read aloud to us the "Little House" series, "From Wealth to Faith," "Hidden Rainbow," "The family Nobody Wanted," and countless other books. No matter what it was, you always had a way of making every story come alive!

You've instilled in me a heart for others, especially children, the unborn and the elderly.

You've inspired me to look beyond myself and to other's needs, and to have a willing and serving heart.

You've given me a love and passion for home and family; a desire to serve God by serving those He placed closest to me; and a vision of one day being a godly wife and mother, of raising godly seed, and of family ministry.

Most of all, you taught us God's love, to seek Him and His Word and to pursue holiness.

Thank you for choosing one of the most worthy vocations God has given women, that of being mother. What would we do without you? We are truly blessed!

Love you, Mom!!


Her children arise up and call her blessed. Prov.31:28

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  1. Dearest Jen, this is so beautiful. It made me cry for more reasons than that it is beautiful. Motherhood is the hardest thing that I have ever done but I am so blessed to be Mama to my children and others. God bless you as you love your own Mom and as you live Biblical femininity yourself.
    Love always and much,


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