Saturday, May 3, 2014

Something to Someone

You cannot be everything to everyone,
But you can be something to someone.

For while some people have a shoulder to cry on,
Others must cry alone.

We should always remember:
To God, no one is just another person.

Touch gently the lives around you,
For the human heart shapes as easily
As clay upon the potter's wheel.

Make another's path a little clearer,
Their steps a little lighter,
By walking beside them in love.

Bring joy to others while part of their lives;
Make them feel that they truly mean
Something to someone.

For the care we show to others,
If it is an outflow of the love of Christ,
Can point them to Him like nothing else could.

The goal of the compassion and care
We pour on others is to show them
That they mean something to God,
So they can turn to the One who cares
And He would become their everything.

- Unknown

This is the prayer of my heart. I truly hope I can be something to the people God brings into my life, from the people that are closest to me to the shoppers I may only spend 5 minutes with at work, that may sense God's love in a dark, cold world.

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  1. Thats my prayer ! Although i often wonder if those of you closest to me actually feel that,i fail far to often in this,may God give us the strength to forgive our brethren that fail and the grace to be beacon lights for those in a dark hurting world ! Thanks for sharing and encouraging (honking if you will! ) ! :)


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