Monday, May 26, 2014

To All My Friends...


Friends are blessings in this life:
Treasures, gemstones, rare.
And if we're wise, we'll cherish them
As gifts beyond compare.

Friends are life-lines in this life,
When storm clouds do arise,
Helping us to look above,
To Jesus in the skies.

Friends are beacons in this life,
Lighting up the way
With laughter, smiles, teasing,
In bright or cloudy days.

Friends are comfort in this life,
Praying when it's rough,
Helping you through thick and thin;
By you when it's tough.

Friends are "stickers" in this life,
Patient, caring, strong,
Revealing gently where we've failed,
And how we've been wrong.

Friends are faithful if they're true.
Lord, make me loyal, kind;
Lord, help me "stick" to all my friends
As You would stick to Thine.

- Miriam Rainwater

A man that hath FRIENDS MUST show himself friendly; and there is a FRIEND who STICKETH closer than a brother.
Proverbs 18:24

To all my friends near and far - This poem echoes my heart! I'm so thankful that God has brought each of you into my life. Y'all have been a strength and encouragement to me along life's journey and in seeking the Kingdom as followers together. Can't imagine how life would be without one another's laughter, smiles, and teasing, or how heavy it would be without eachother's prayers, helping hands and words of cheer. I'm afraid I don't always take the time to express how meaningful each of your friendships are to me...they are truly gifts beyond compare! Thank you to each one!

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  1. Thank you, dearest Jen. This was a blessing to read today! You are a great friend to have on this journey to eternity. Thanks for all you have done and been for me.
    Love you lots,


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