Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Commitment to all times, all places! Nothing casual or occasional; it's for every moment of every day! But alas! I confess I have failed over and over again. I get caught up in my own little world and the enjoyments of life that I become casual in my walk with the Lord. And without His daily presence in my life, I fail in my own strength, often times causing friction and strained relationships.

It's something I've been thinking about lately, and find myself needing to examine where I am in my commitment to the Lord. Is He the focal point of my life or have I allowed the carnal things of this world to take a place in my heart?

We can look at the world and see its love of money, greed, and self. It's all about having the newest, the coolest, the biggest and the best. It's all about cars, sports, fashion, and celebrities. We see pride and idolization reigning in America.

But what about us who name the name of Christ, could it be possible that we may be doing the very same things, just on a smaller scale? Have we unconsciously allowed the carnal things of this world to take our Lord's place in our hearts? When we walk out of Sunday morning service and go on with our week, what are we pursuing? Do we need the newest, the coolest and the best? What is our central focus? What do we do in our spare time? Are we dwelling in the Word? Do our conversations edify and up build? Do our lives reflect Christ? Are we making Him known? We are not called to live casual Christian lives, but radically transformed lives in Christ Jesus which reaches into every aspect of living that is to be vastly different from the world.

Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?  2 Cor.13:5

I write all this in light of my own failures and where I  need and want to do better. It is definitely a challenge for me.

Following Christ is a continuous commitment and not always easy. It takes courage and it sometimes means standing alone. I appreciate those I know who are continuous in their walk with the Lord and have taken a stand on truth, on righteousness, and holiness and are not moved. I especially think of my sister and how she is not afraid to take a stand against unholiness no matter what others think or say. It takes someone strong who is able to do that, and she is an inspiration to me!

As I wrap this up, I'll add what my dad shared yesterday, that was on his heart. He had no idea I was working on this post, but it summed it up so well! As we are called to examine ourselves, let us examine our relationship with Jesus. How deep is our relationship with the One we call our Lord and Saviour? Without a relationship with Him, it is a dead religion. Jesus is Life. It is only through having that personal and intimate relationship with Him that will bring us through life, and through any trials and tribulations we may face in the future victoriously.

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  1. Very good pondering! It's very encouraging to have something so thought provoking right now. ....that is definitely a challenge to me and whIle I'm out here now ,I can really see some of the very devastating effects of not taking the name of Christ seriously and just being called 'Christian' just because. ... thanks Jen !


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