Tuesday, January 5, 2016

In Regards to the Last Post

In response to a comment on my last post from a well-meaning brother, and to anyone else who may have questions on where I am coming from on this subject of the Untold Truths of American History:

First off, may I say that this is a subject/doctrine I have thought over and over time and again. I admit, I was not raised with the "Two Kingdom" theology that is taught in plain circles.

I grew up a patriotess. American history was my favorite subject in school, and I was a die heart American. I reveled in the teachings that David Barton gave on America's Godly Heritage and the Providence of God throughout the founding of this nation.

We were introduced to Charity teachings when I was a young teen, and honestly, I thought the whole teaching of non-resistance and the separation of church and state was totally ridiculous. My heart changed over time tho, and I began really taking in their teachings. I went to YBS and soaked in all their preaching, including the teaching on the two kingdoms. I read David Bercot's book, "The Kingdom that Turned the World Upside Down" and Dean Taylor's "A Change of Allegience." I embraced the teachings despite any misgivings.

As time has gone by, I have come to see and understand that there are Christians on both sides of the spectrum, and I don't know that either one is in the "wrong." I think a lot of judgment is passed on sincere Christians outside the plain circles and it grieves my heart when I hear them referred to as "so called christians" just because they are not from a plain church.
 In all, I think it's a matter of following one's conscience and Holy Spirit guidance. For myself personally, I do lean more on the non-resistance side, but I am not going to condemn someone if they don't see it the same.

I realize I'm treading on very controversial ground here, but the truth of the matter is that this nation was founded on Christian principals, and there is an agenda to sweep God out of the government, the schools, and out of this land. And hey, I know the beginnings of this nation wasn't all person, church, group or country is.....we can see that all through the Bible....but that doesn't mean we can't focus on the good and acknowledge that our founders were for the most part Christians and sought to put God first in this country. You may not agree with everything I have to share on the subject, and that's ok, but I think you would be surprised with the lies we all have been taught and that are circulated thru the education system, the media and anywhere else you turn. My heart is to share the truth that is covered up and expose the lies and misconceptions of our forefathers that are throughout the textbooks of America.

As for the matter of driving the Indians off their land, I will have a post for that topic coming that will hopefully answer your questions.

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