Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Strong Woman (In Light of International Women's Day)

I happened to notice in trending topics yesterday that it was International Women's Day. I scrolled through the trending posts, of which mainly consisted of women's rights, equality with men, and the feminist idea of all a woman should measure up to be. It was everything I expected to find.

What a contrast the feminist ideal of womanhood is to that of Biblical femininity and virtuous womanhood as set forth in Proverbs 31, Titus 2, and 1 Peter 3, and many other examples in Scripture. In trying to be "something" or "someone," women have lost the whole meaning and purpose it is to really be a woman. In believing the lie that has gained momentum since the days of Karl Marx, that women have been suppressed, and are equal in every way to man, our whole society is now in shambles.

As women boast of their success in business and their equal or better performance than men, they fail to recognize that their own homes and families, which is the foundation of any culture, is in a crisis. With every fight to be as men, they break down their homes brick by brick.

I just wonder how long this will go on before women and our society will look back, and in tears and anguish, regret the push of gender equality. There is a misperception that to be a lady is weak, and she who tends the home and raises children lacks ambition. It is this mindset that now creates the push for women to join the draft.

We shake our heads at the downward spiral our culture has been on, but fail to recognize where we have gone wrong. The future rests on the children who come forth out of our homes. Are we to complain that they do not share our beliefs, morals, convictions and worldview if we send them out to be trained and taught by those who do not believe or think the way we do? Do we complain that men are not men anymore when women have done nothing but knock them down, and compete for their position?

Our God-given roles of men and women do not make either of us any less or any more of a person. Each is unique and perfect in their own way, and to try to change that, to be something God didn't intend, only causes turmoil. Ladies, if you want purpose, embrace the role God gave you! Be women so men can be men! That doesn't mean you're dumb, it doesn't mean you have to be pristine, or that you're weak. It means you have a beautiful opportunity to glorify God every day and do a far greater work than you ever could by running a business, holding a degree, or trying to be one of the men!    


Bless the wives and mothers who have stood against the feminist movement, who have put their families and their God-given role above making a name for themselves. Who have stood against the mocking and jeers of the world to be women of God!

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